CrossFit is comprised of many functional movements including running, rowing, weight lifting, gymnastics, and more.  We want everyone who enters our doors to be equipped for success.  Before you do any workout, each movement will be demonstrated and coached to ensure both understanding and safety.  Before being concerned with weights or times, you must master the basic movements!  

Our coaches are well versed in what it takes to be a successful CrossFitter and are happy to assist you in preparing for and achieving your fitness goals!

The Strength of Coaching

At Primordial Crossfit you'll be part of a team.  We all help each other learn and succeed.   That is made possible in large part due to our coaches!  Our coaches will be there to teach the basics, focus on mobility and strength, as well as make sure you are becoming a better athlete... and hopefully you feel, a all-around better you!

In addition to our regular coaches, we have focused training on mobility and olympic lifts as the need arises.  We all want to learn and are humble enough to know we don't know it all.  For our specialized sessions we don't hesitate to tap into our own expertise and when necessary bring in experts from around the area to help us all get better.

Master the Basics

CrossFit is known as "The Sport of Fitness".  It's focus is on constantly varied functional movements.  Those functional movements are movements that start with basic pushes and pulls, as well as squats and jumps.  It all builds from those basics.

Hmmmm, so no gym full of weight machines or treadmills?  Nope.  We use body weight exercises, and functional lifts with free weights, improving the movements that you use in everyday life.  What about treadmills?  Again, nope; we definitely run... but we do it the old fashion way; we run outside!

Mobility First

Everyone wants to be strong, but before you can jump into heavy weights you have to know the basics AND... (this is a big "AND") you have to have the mobility.  Mobility is the ability to move or be moved easily.  Think of this as being what most people deem as being flexible.  Its very difficult to lift well without first being able to get into the correct positions.  A major component to our programming is our focus on stretching and overall mobility.  Only then can you move on to mastering the major lifts.

            Focus on Strength

We are a gym that focuses on improvement.  Any workout we do will come back up in the near future.  The goal is to be better today than you were yesterday.  In much the same way, we test max lifts and benchmark workouts every 6-8 weeks so that we can see how we are doing.  We all want to be stronger, faster, and all around better athletes as time goes on.  How do you know you're getting better?  You test and you test regularly.  If you choose to make Primordial your home, you'll not only get a good workout, but you'll see how you do over time.  We know if you follow our programming, you will get stronger!