Here is what people are saying about Primordial Crossfit

Jessica Jackson

I’ve been so amazed and proud to be apart of the love for people and their belief that we all can be better than we are. Primordial Crossfit has allowed me to connect with so many different people that I probably would have never had the chance to meet…You guys give me the motivation, encouragement and drive that helps me be my best. I am so thankful for all the people that Primordial Crossfit brought into my life, and for all that Crossfit has done for me at so many levels. I thank all the coaches, for all of their support, and the example they set for us all. - Jessica Jackson

Nik Marin

This Gym has helped me improve as an athlete, but not only has it provided good programming it has become a family. The community that is Primordial CrossFit is incredible from the friendly coaches to the outgoing owners who really take into account the clients needs. It truly is not your typical gym. Nik Marin, 17

MaryAnne Mills

CrossFit was something that really intimidated me.  When you think about it you see the games on tv going through your head and it makes it seem impossible, but it's not at all what your brain makes it seem like. I was scared to try my first class but after that first one I fell in love! This is not your ordinary gym; the second time I showed up they knew my name and welcomed me like I had been working out there forever. We have a family and it truly is like a second home.  I don't grumble when I tell myself "you need to go work out" I get excited and I'm trying to make time whenever I can to get to the gym because I love it so much. No matter what you're thinking, give it a shot and see what I mean, you won't be sorry!

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